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We create universes of content that are connected to each other and that evolve monthly. You decide if you only want to watch them or you want to be part of them.

How do we do it?

Each universe and each story is unique, but it connects with all those that have been already created.

The perfect combination of a series, a escape room and NFT

By now you have probably gone to a “escape room”, or because of pandemic reasons, have you played an online adventure. What if we tell you that there is a perfect combination between a series, an interactive adventure and an outdoor escape room? Our job is to convert outdoor spaces, with the help of digital resources to transform a place into a game setting. In this way you enjoy watching content and when you feel like it you can interact, become a gamer, disconnect from your routine and… earn rewards!

With this initiative
we all win

You will have fun with friends or family, you will visit natural and rural places safely, we contribute to helping small restaurants and rural producers, You help to reactivate tourism and for content creators to receive your contribution directly.

And because the contents update and are connected with each other, it becomes an addiction! 


I want to be part of it

If you have a place where you would like to promote its tourism with an interactive story: a house, a forest, a route, an abandoned space. Get in contact with us. We will design the story and include it within a universe.

Otherwise, if you want to boost your accommodation and catering business, Call us and we will see how to integrate them.

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