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Help the protagonists

Become part of the story, as if you were in a video game.
Pentargo 1986 allows you to merge the best of streaming, with the games of “escape room”. You will live a safe immersive experience as if you were inside a video game. ¿You dare?

The first experience where you can hire human avatars to play live from anywhere. With total control and 360º vision in a totally real game environment.

The history

Following in the wake of the Pentargo universe, in this new experience you will help Raquel, a young private detective who will investigate the death of her client's daughter, the prestigious doctor Carlos Menal.

Carlos Menal's daughter was found dead ago 20 years in a heritage construction of a field in Les Garrigues, Lleida. The only accused was Román Jiménez, a temp known for having trouble with the law.

25 years later, Jiménez is about to be released from prison due to the repeal of the Parot doctrine. The defendant has sent several letters to Menal, asking him the following: “if you protect me during 10 days, I will show you who really murdered your daughter. These are people you've always rubbed shoulders with”. 

Carlos Menal agrees to protect Jiménez and provides him with a stay in a motorhome of a campsite, secluded in the mountain. The day that Jiménez and Menal had to meet to deliver evidence and documents, the motorhome where Jiménez was staying, jump through the air. Jiménez's wife, tells Carlos, that after the murder of his daughter, a mysterious secret organization called Pentargo hides, that it originated in a small town in the Pyrenees and that its contacts are everywhere.

More about Pentargo

Pentargo 1986 is connected with old physical and interactive escape room activities such as “Pentargo: Home” QUITAR “Pentargo: Quarantine”. This time we merge the digital, con la experiencia física en un escenario gigante al aire libre y con la posibilidad de vivirlo de forma segura contratando a un avatar humano que va a realizar todas las funciones que le indiques.


  • En grupo
  • Terror / Mystery


  • Groups up to 6 people / avatars.
  • Come, alójate o realiza otras actividades.

It includes: Access to audiovisual content, physical experience or with avatars.

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