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It is time to regain control of our lives and not lock ourselves up on the screens.

It's time to take back what we once were, the illusion of what we were passionate about and that little by little, without us realizing, we are losing.

It is time to redirect our attention, that now, we put in the passive content, sweetened, with filters, idyllic and custom designed not to be enjoyed, but yet exhibited. It's time to create, to be natural, to demand of us, but also to love each other, to congratulate us…  To live shared experiences.

Technology must be at the service of the life we ​​want to live and not at the service of the one that others want you to live.

Nobody said it was easy, but sooner or later, “the Universe will provide”. In the meantime, we would love to accompany you on this exciting journey.

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Alterego recording begins

The interactive audio series from Audivio Studios begins filming in August 2021. A prestigious doctor is about to take office as minister a few weeks before the murderer of his daughter is released from prison.


Memory bank: Route of the Woman of La Cerdanya

Audivio Studios with Banco Memoria are in charge of launching an initiative of the Cerdanya County Council and the collaboration of the Lleida and Girona Provincial Councils.


Success in digitizing events and fairs

The town hall of Les Borges Blanques, the Patronage of the Garrigues, as well as the town hall of Artés, trusted in the digitization of their traditional fairs, that due to Covid-19 they could not be held in person.

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