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Audivio DAO

Let's change the rules of the game. A fully decentralized content production company

Pay for what you see and what you like. Become an investor.

When you pay for a Netflix or Prime Video subscription, you are paying a monthly amount for a catalog of audiovisual products that, for practical purposes, someone who controls it, is deciding what to create and offer.

Then you, as a user, decide what content you do like and what content you don't. Surely you would like to see content on these platforms that do not yet exist. And if you are a creator or you are part of the audiovisual world, you would like that on these platforms there were contents that have never been imagined.

But, let's not fool ourselves, companies like Netflix and Prime have grown thanks to subscriptions.

What if we tell you that there is a model in which your subscription goes directly to finance the creation of content that really interests the majority of you? 

What if we tell you that with your subscription, you can decide and vote, at all times, on collective decisions regarding the creation and launch of audiovisual products?, 

What if in addition to being a subscriber, you can earn money, because just for being a subscriber , you are also an investor?

And everything that we are telling you, is completely transparent, digital and auditable.

Audivio DAO is a decentralized production company in the Ethereum Blockchain . Do you want to know what a DAO is? Click here.

When we say “tokenize” or buy tokens , we are refering to the technique of converting real assets into digital assets, so they also become , property rights of a particular asset, in a digital token. Many people associate it with the world of cryptocurrencies, and in a way, that's right, they share many aspects, even if, unlike these, a digital token can be used in a much wider range of applications and has a lot to do with blockchain technology than with the essence of cryptocurrencies.

We have three uses for tokens.

  • As liquid assets: digitize creations, scripts, works of art that allow better management of the creations rights.
  • As a financing mechanism when creating different experiences and receiving services in return. A kind of crowfunding with guarantees.

  • A mechanism to decentralize products and services. We as creators, create a project, but that project must also be owned by those who consume it.

The goal of tokenization is to end cross-border regulatory problems, with tax and intellectual property rights disputes to enable asset tokenization to be the rule for all asset classes.

The main benefits of asset tokenization for us are:

  1. The possibility of opening new investment to new audiences that until now they have consumed entertainment and fiction products.

  2. Eliminate borders and information asymmetry.

  3. Allow everything to be traceable, transparent and unalterable.
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