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Creativity + Transmedia + IA + Data

Human creativity and artificial intelligence come together to convey unique and exciting stories.
From a rural environment. Can you come with us?
We put the feelings, the technology, the rest.

We're still on time

It's time to regain control of our lives and get out from behind the screens.
Let's refocus our attention on what we're passionate about and enjoy shared experiences instead of sugar-coated content designed just for display.
Technology must be at the service of the life we ​​want to live, not the other way around.

En Audivio, We are here to accompany you on this exciting path.
 Together, we can create something authentic and demanding, celebrate our achievements and enjoy our experiences. No one told us it was going to be easy, but if we take the initiative, the universe will provide.

What's new?


In Woman's Voice

Audivio Studios with Banco Memoria are in charge of launching an initiative with the municipalities of Catalonia and the collaboration of the Provincial Councils.


S'ha acabat el Bròquil

The weekly Poditour and Audivio Podcast that reviews the news from different perspectives. Presented by Victor Masip, Empar Rovira and Sergi Semis.


Human creativity and artificial intelligence in rural environments

the importance of combining human creativity and artificial intelligence (IA) to improve life in rural environments. Several examples are mentioned of how human creativity can help to identify the unique problems and needs of rural communities., while AI can provide tools to process large amounts of data and find effective solutions. The combination of human creativity and AI can have a big impact in areas like agriculture, health care and education in rural settings.

We are committed to an interactive and immersive entertainment model powered by AI

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Do you need creative services?? We have a drone pilot title. AI-powered services

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We offer you a set of strategic services to centralize and cover all your needs.
From cybersecurity, Data Protection, investigation, communication, UX / UI design, analysis of data, social networks, audiovisual production, gamification, strategic creativity in campaigns, reputation enhancement, transmedia y blockchain.


Sustainability, Creativity and Technology

We configure flexible teams adapted to any type of job or challenge.

Bringing vision creative al future

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Now Audivio advises you on the entire process of Data Protection and LOPDGDD compliance / RGPD.

Both on your website and in the organization of your company.

All our services, with maximum coverage and peace of mind. Without looking for them outside. Consultation without obligation.